Legal Counsel For Debtor And Creditor Relations

Finance plays a large role in any personal, business or commercial dealing. Knowing how to smartly use your money, however, is different from understanding the legal responsibilities between debtors and creditors. If a borrower fails to make timely payments or there is a dispute about interest rates from a lender, the legal remedies will be founded in the financial agreements you signed.

At Bauch & Michaels, LLC, we understand these issues from every perspective, and we can put our legal knowledge to use swiftly when helping to establish, manage or dissolve relationships between debtors and creditors. Contact our office in Chicago, Illinois, for experienced counsel that will meet your needs.

Representation For Banks, Financial Institutions, Creditors, Individuals, Businesses And Borrowers

Our firm acts as an extension of many banks' and creditor's businesses by providing ongoing legal counsel in a wide range of corporate lending, regulatory compliance and bankruptcy proceedings.

We effectively handle loan negotiations, assignments for the benefit of creditors, lender liability matters, documentation, enforcement, recovery of unpaid obligations, foreclosures, fraud claims, project financing and more. We are also skilled counselors in a wide range of regulatory issues and subpoena matters such as citations to discover assets, wage garnishments, etc.

Bankruptcy And Solutions For Financial Challenges

Some financial hurdles must be met by acknowledging the inability to pay outstanding debts. Bankruptcy, workouts or reorganization can all provide options for finding a more effective and stable financial option for insolvency and other business or personal needs.

Our firm can help you handle asset recovery and foreclosure actions, helping you preserve assets as much as possible in the process. We can provide advice and options for how to dissolve a business entity or dissolve a partnership as a means to solve your financial challenges.

There is no single way to handle these issues. Your best opportunities will come from a reasonable and pragmatic analysis of your business and commercial interests, your financial situation and what legal mechanisms are in place to help solve your problem.

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Let our experienced financial transactions and litigation attorneys provide you insight into debtor-creditor relations and how the law can be used to your benefit. Reach our team of lawyers online or by telephone at 888-557-0430 to arrange a meeting.

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