Our Legal Services

We focus on being productive, not busy. Bauch & Michaels, LLC is a commercial litigation and transactional law firm serving personal and business needs. Although our practice is primarily concentrated in Illinois, we are often involved in national and international litigation and transactions.

Our clients include banks and other lenders, real estate developers, construction contractors, manufacturers, retailers, condominium associations, transportation firms, restaurateurs, funeral service companies, not-for-profit corporations, a law school, and professionals such as accountants, health care providers, architects, engineers, and other lawyers and law firms.

We provide high quality, efficient legal services at reasonable fees. Many of our clients are out-of-state businesses or individuals for whom we serve as local counsel. Many of our clients are referred to us by other attorneys and professional advisors. Our greatest complement is when opposing parties and attorneys in litigation or a transaction subsequently retain us or refer clients to us.

Our regular practice areas may generally be described as follows:

  • Commercial litigation practice including contract, class action, mechanics' lien, employment, foreclosure, insurance, tort, premises and environmental liability, and equitable remedies litigation in state and federal courts and claims litigation and adversary proceedings in bankruptcy courts.
  • Debtor and creditor relations practice including representing lenders, creditors, borrowers and debtors in loan negotiations, asset sales, turnarounds, workouts, assignments for the benefit of creditors, and insolvency, reorganization, and bankruptcy proceedings or through liquidation proceedings.
  • Real property practice including commercial, industrial, hotel and multi-family residential sales and acquisitions, development, rehabilitation, and management. We have represented clients in numerous sales and purchases of hotels, restaurants, and industrial properties in bankruptcy.
  • Corporate and business governance and management practice including creating, restructuring, and, when necessary, dissolving corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies. Our work in corporate governance and business management includes acquiring and selling assets and other businesses, negotiating shareholder or equity holder agreements, and protecting interest holders against adverse action.
  • Construction law practice including representing owners, contractors and sureties in negotiating and drafting contracts, administering contracts, resolving payment and title issues, and litigating lien, contract, and insurance claims.
  • Appellate practice including representing parties in appellate court proceedings.
  • Regulatory practice including representing claimants and petitioners in regulatory disputes and administrative proceedings with government agencies and in litigation against government.