Real Property And Construction Law Counsel In Chicago

For many individuals and businesses, the decision to invest in real estate is one of the most significant financial decisions they will make. Unfortunately, many transactions are performed exclusively with guidance from mortgage companies and real estate brokers — entities that are not necessarily interested in the investor's financial and legal security. They have their own agenda.

Make sure to protect yourself through this process. You are well-advised to have an experienced lawyer consult you as to the legal issues and how they will influence your financial portfolio if you are investing in a property, managing an existing property or are selling property.

Buying, Selling And Settling Real Property Disputes

At Bauch & Michaels, LLC, we handle real property issues for a varied client base that includes first-time home buyers, condominium associations, banks and mortgage companies, commercial entities involved in real estate and more.

  • Residential or commercial real estate: Buying and selling real property, purchase/sale agreements, residential and multifamily units, commercial leases, real estate development, loan and mortgage negotiation, foreclosure, property rehabilitation, etc.
  • Condominium law: Homeowners' and condominium associations development and management, maintenance responsibilities for associations versus unit owners, use of common facilities, resident misconduct, budgeting, board of directors selection, election procedures, distribution of power/decision making authority, etc.
  • Construction law: Mechanic's lien claims, construction defects (i.e., defective design or installation), payment for services agreements, payment disputes, land use and zoning, easements, boundary disputes, etc.

A Reputation For Excellence Across Illinois, The U.S., And Internationally

Our clients come to us because of the notable results we have achieved in both large and small real property transactions and disputes. We are proud to have had formerly opposing counsel refer clients to us because of the outstanding work we have done.

Reach attorneys Kenneth A. Michaels, Jr., Paul M. Bauch and Carolina Y. Sales via email or by telephone at 888-557-0430 to arrange a meeting and discuss your legal needs with an experienced Chicago-area real estate and construction law attorney.

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