Regulatory And Appellate Practice

While the judicial process governs a large portion of legal transactions and disputes, many issues are handled outside of this process. Government agencies often have regulatory and administrative processes that keep the majority of transactions and disputes out of court. If an issue does need to be appealed into the judicial system, appellate court still involves a dramatically different legal process than the average attorney is familiar with.

If you are dealing with a regulatory issue or the appeals process, you are well-advised to work with an attorney who is familiar with government agencies both on the state and federal levels. Our Illinois firm offers such experience.

At Bauch & Michaels, LLC, we offer confident and capable representation in a variety of legal proceedings both in and out of the courtroom and settlement negotiations. We consult clients on issues like regulatory law and compliance, administrative proceedings and appellate court as they relate to business and commercial dealings.

Contact us to discuss your regulatory and appellate court needs. We will assess your case and give you straightforward feedback about what is possible and what strategies will likely help you reach the most favorable results.

Regulatory Practice

We represent business owners, investors, developers and other key stakeholders in commercial dealings and the stringent industry regulations that influence business decisions. We handle cases in state and federal matters, including land use and zoning, financing, licensing and permits, etc.

Any regulatory oversight can lead to enforcement actions that may include fines, sanctions, license revocation and general holdups in business and commercial development. We help our clients avoid regulatory compliance issues and can readily handle litigation against the government when our clients' rights are compromised.

Appellate Practice

We handle appeals of lower court decisions and administrative agency decisions for business and commercial clients. An appeal requires an attorney to review the lower court record and determine the grounds on which a decision can be appealed. This process involves a great deal of research and writing — a specific skill-set that the average transactional and litigation attorney does not necessarily have.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

Our team is equipped to handle every stage of your legal needs including transactions, litigation and dispute resolution, regulatory hearings and appeals. Contact our office in Chicago via email or by telephone at 888-557-0430 to discuss your case with one of our experienced legal professionals at Bauch & Michaels, LLC.

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